Wedding day

how I prepare before the recording….
I try to understand the uniqueness of your personalities, get to know your interests, style and taste through the questionnaire or by meeting you. I choose the music carefully and recommend the most suitable places to make the video (a couple who love New York, motorbike couple, couple of opera singers…)
how the recording happens


how the recording happens
On the day of the recording I’m here only for you – ready and professional. I think through and create every shot in a documentary style so that everything reflects you. I’m the invisible witness of your spontaneous emotions but at the same time I make recommendations and inspire you to create videos in settings which illustrate your personalities
(bride the opera singer, bride who loves fashion, bride the beautiful swan…)


how I create a piece which has a lasting value

I work on the concept and let it ripen, I think about the details, music, sound and spoken word so that the ‘wedding story’ is told on multiple levels. The result is then dedicated for an appreciative and attentive spectator.